Apocalypse Cow Free Slots

Apocalypse Cow free slots is a three reels slots, which has 1payline, 9 winning combinations and with the Military theme. Symbols on the reels include cow, helicopter, ID tag, melon, seven, lemon, cherries and bars. $10 is the maximum bet in Apocalypse Cow free slots and offers the maximum jackpot of 500 coins.

All payouts are in coins but you can convert your coins to credits by multiplying the number of coins to the size or domination of the coin. The three T-bone symbols will activate Psychedelic Trail bonus game, which is a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style bonus game where the prize is determined by spinning the wheel. It also has the traditional Nudge and Hold features. The ‘Hold’ style feature holds on the next spin while the other reels will be re- spin. The ‘Nudge’ style feature enables to bump a reel and to display the next symbol.

This is an interesting way to play slots but this is not for those who want to earn some quick money as there are specific combinations that will win the player money. This free slot game offers a fun background, wonderful colors, a fun theme and awesome sound effects. If you really want to have some true free slots entertainment, then you must better check out this free slot game.